Mission Statement

  • Establish a partnership with local churches for the purpose of sending missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Establish mission work among the unreached indigenous people groups across the world.
  • Establish training methods for existing indigenous churches that will encourage church growth and mission endeavors.

Establishing a Partnership

  1. Through mission conferences, preaching engagements churches and colleges.
  2. Identify potential missionary candidate through qualification process.
  3. Train candidate to establish a base of prayer and support.
  4. Prepare candidate for the transition from the sending church to the field.

Establishing Mission Work

  1. Identify people groups that are geographically, politically, and religiously deprived of the scripture.
  2. Identify language and cross cultural training opportunities.
  3. Identify the best entrance into a country by all legal means.
  4. Identify best possible methods for support to the missionary.

Establishing Training Methods

  1. Identify specific ministry needs of indigenous churches, by observation or requested by a local church.
  2. . Promote useful material by whatever medium effective.
  3. Implement these materials by practical application.
  4. Provide missionary personnel to the field for that purpose.


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